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AAMCOof Dayton
"Nice Work! Just what we were looking for...."
Kevin - Shop Owner

"I love the design and really love the site management software that is included."
Mark Reese - Shop Owner

Autotech Collision Center
"Awesome Job! I really like what you have done for us!"
Derek Mills - Shop Owner

Big Kids Toys Auto Center
"Thanks so much for your exceptional work on both our websites. We really enjoy both of them and the site management software for managing our inventory is exactly what I was looking for."
Robert Zuercher - Shop Owner

Boeser Transmission & Auto
"Finally, after a few years of fighting with my old web designer, I am really happy I found you guys to take over for us. I love our new site!"
Tim Boeser - Shop Owner

Braes Hill Shell
"The site looks great. Thanks for all your help on getting this up and running."
Thanos Papavasiliou - Shop Manager

Bristol Auto Body
"Site looks very good. Thanks for your hard work on this."
Joe Moss - Shop Owner

Bryants Auto Body
"Yes, thanks for the great looking site and logo you created for us"
Chris Bryant - Shop Owner

C.A.R.S - Auto Body & Repair
"Nice work Kirk! The site looks great."
Bill Werkheiser - Shop Owner

Cardinal Auto
"The logo looks really good and the website does also."
Gord Caranhan - Shop Owner

CAR Maintenance and Performance
"I love the look of the new site design. Thanks for all your work on this."
Craig Tice - Shop Owner

Car Craft Advanced
"The website looks very good to me. I am very pleased with your services"
Czeslaw Szkodon - Shop Owner

Computer Aided Auto
"We love the new website"
Nanette Haddad - Shop Manager

Covina Auto Body
"We like this new design you created for us and people seem to like the logo you created for us as well. Thanks!"
Arthur Koroghlian - Shop Co-Owner

Deer Park Automotive
"I am very pleased with the website work you have done for my shop."
Tom Upole - Shop Owner

Desert Automotive
"The turned out great. We love the colors and how it all looks and functions."
Brittany Armstrong - Shop Manager

Desoto Imports Honda Haven
"Outstanding service you guys have..."
Roy Williams - Shop Owner

Dillsboro Auto Center
"We are really satisfied with the website work you have done for our shop."
Darrin Sutton - Shop Owner

Duggans Auto Repair
"Nice work on this website. Thanks for all your hard work."
Dan Duggan - Shop Owner

Dundee Garage
"I love the site! Very professional looking."
Andy Drosoplus - Shop Owner

DUO Auto, Inc
"Perfect! I really appreciate all the work you put into this for us. Looks great."
Mike Wamble - Shop Owner

FastLane Quick Oil Change
"I really like this new site design. Thanks for all your efforts on this."
Dan Irwin - Shop Owner

Fox Hollow Lube & More
"I really like this design. Thanks!"
Jason Lassiter - Shop Owner

Franks Auto Service
"I am very pleased with your services and the website you created for my shop."
Frank Torres - Shop Owner

Greggs Auto Body
"Really good job on the site Kirk. Thanks for all your help on this and with other items as well."
Gregg Rosenburg - Shop Owner

Import Auto Clnic Inc.
"Very exceptional service you have going on. Keep up the good work. Very satisfied with what you have provided us."
David Gemmell - Shop Owner

Integrated Auto Service
"The logo and site look awesome. Thanks!"
Dan Murray - Shop Owner

International Auto Service
"I am very happy with the website."
Rod Lewis - Shop Owner

JB Euro Tech
"We both like the website very much. Thanks for all your hard work on this."
Seth Thorson - Shop Manager

"Outstanding job on our site!"
Mickey Kahl - Shop Owner

Killian Service Center
"Very good job."
Tim Lanier - Shop Owner

Lancer Service Center
"We absolutely love the website. We see about an average of 1-2 new customers per day that come in just from finding our website online.!"
Jim Thomas - Shop Owner

Madison Service Center
"Thanks for going beyond for us on this project. We are very happy with the site."
Ed Chomik - Shop Owner

Mikes Auto Service
"The site looks very good."
Mike Walicski - Shop Owner

Moshes Auto Care
"We are happy with your services and like that we can manage the site ourselves with your software."
Sharon Gelboin-Katz - Shop Manager

M&TAuto Services
"Outstanding service. Very happy with the website you did for us."
Dave Tacoma - Shop Owner

National Brake & Muffler
"Nice job Kirk on our site."
Raak Patel - Shop Owner

Northlake Auto Center
"This design looks very good. Thanks"
Ali Khan - Shop Owner

"We are REALLY happy with the website you did for us"
Terry Henderson - Shop Owner

Parkway Car Care
"Great work on the site. Looks very appealing. We are very happy with it."
Zak - Shop Owner

Peppers Lemont Auto Care
"I really like the new site"
Mike Principe - Shop Owner

Port Orange Auto
"We love the website. You did a great job. Thank you so much"
JJ Vance - Shop Owner

PurrFect Auto Service
"Thanks for all your extra efforts. Really happy with the website."
RodolfoCornejo - Shop Owner

Quality Auto Body of Milwaukee inc.
"I am extremely happy we chose your company for our website. We get a lot of compliments on it."
Steve Stys - Shop Owner

RationalAuto Repair
"We are very satisfied with your services"
Paul Sims - Shop Owner

Riddle Automotive
"Nice work on our logo and website."
Denise Riddle - Shop Co-Owner

RoseBrothers Garage
"The website turned out very good. Very satisfied with your services"
David Rose - Shop Owner

RPAuto Service
"Very happy with the website."
Robert Peterson - Shop Owner

Sam'sAutomotive Inc.
"The logo is very cool and the site is great too."
Michael Franco - Shop Owner

Scata's Auto & Truck Repair Inc.
"Outstanding website service you guys provide! I will highly recommend your services to anyone."
Joe Scata - Shop Owner

SuperLube Tune & Brakes
"Yes, I really like this design you created for us."
Jumana - Shop Owner

TransmissionExperts & More
"Thank you for your hard work on our website. We get a lot of compliments on it."
Tom Dicaraus - Shop Owner

ToscaDrive Auto Body & Truck, Inc.
"WOW! The logo looks awesome and the website is outstanding also. Thanks!"
Nick Pupko - Shop Owner

Total Performance Inc.
"Nice job on our site"
Garrett Richards - Shop Owner

VicotryGMC Trucks
"Really exceptional job on our website! I have already recommended your business to a few other shops. Very nice working with you."
Dan Ellsworth - Shop Owner

"This design looks really good. Lets go with it."
Jesse Robitaille - Shop Owner

Washington& Lee

Woody'sBody & Paint
"This design is cool. Thanks for your extra work on creating this."
Jason - Shop Owner

"We are very happy with your services and we get a lot of compliments on the site."
Michelle Anderegg - Co- Owner


A+ Tires
"Great Website! We love the service you provide. You customer service really says something about your company!"
Kester More- Shop Owner

"You did a fantastic job on our site. Can think of any other company I would rather have teamed up with then yours. Thanks for all your work on this project!"
Jimmy Williams - Shop Owner

"Thanks Kirk for your work on our website, we really think its great!"
Tammie Hatfield - Shop Assistant


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